jjongoal asked:
im sure you know about baektae right wow so suprising and this makes me believe about jongsica lmao, they may had something before xD my friend said that her kor friend said that jonghyun has something going on with a noona before lol ofc im not sure if it's legit but who knows keke can you imagine the awkwardness at sm concert this year? hoping for jongsica moments at smtown con this august ^ ^

yeah smtown will be fab this year LOL i mean everyone already knew that sm artists date e/o all the time but it was great to get a confirmation about 1 couple. (although the backlash might prevent sm for ever releasing a company couple again ;/)

jessica recently stated that she would never date a younger guy though! so idk if she was telling the truth/being a hypocrite about her past relationships or not lol

but it doesn’t surprise me if jjong dated a noona although he seems to go his girls his own age mostly…?

Anonymous asked:
jessica has so many moments with exo

really? i haven’t seen her interact w/too many of them but she does seem super close to suho and (kris) lol…come to think of it who else is she close to from exo?

Anonymous asked:
nah, i was just kidding. im fine with whoever she's dating as long as she's happy ^ ^ jongsica is just my own imaginary ship because both of them are my biased hihi~ i know they won't happened for real xD i got a feeling jonghyun's dating but definitely not sica lol. whatever it is, im still hoping for more jongsica bff moments :D

What really? I sort of feel like Jonghyun recently broke up with whoever he was dating cuz he’s been complaining about being lonely again on his radio show. LOL ngl I am always going to be curious about who they are both dating but I don’t really care how they feel about each other as long as they get along and give us more cute moments! I feel so deprived of them because we used to be so spoiled by their friendship and now…sobs hahaha

Anonymous asked:
what do you think about sica's dating rumor with kwon tyler? people said the scandal was out last year actually. do you think it's true? man most sones hope she dates someone's hotter(for me jonghyun lol)

Mmm yeah I’m not really surprised because I heard about their dating rumors ever since she got a Weibo so it didn’t shock me. I do think it’s true because Jessica’s personality always changes a bit when she’s dating someone and lately she’s made it really obvious on tv shows hahaha. I feel like most people don’t like Tyler Kwon because of his looks which is shallow but I’ve also heard not good things about him like he used to date Gillian Chung and then he supposedly broke up with her by cheating with Jessica which is a no no in my opinion. However everything is a rumor at this point so I’m trying to stay neutral about it LOL (hard to do when you are biased) but I really hope Jessica is happy regardless. And she seems to be so that’s good!

Anonymous asked:
man if jongsica had official duet together, promote together, i could rest in peace. really :( imagine them flirty with each other, and jonghyun calls her sica instead of noona. i can only dream sobs ;A;

I have a theory SM never paired them for an official duet/not even an OST because the chemistry would be too much LOL. I’m sad at the thought they’ll never collaborate together, prove us wrong SM!

Anonymous asked:
do you watch sm the ballad? we can see how close jonghyun&taeyeon are! Jonghyun&taeyeon barely interact in smtown concert but they actually really really really CLOSE! this makes me wonder, if jongsica interacted so much and even hold hands infront of us, wonder what they did behind us *O* /yes im delulu lmao

I feel like Jonghyun/Taeyeon vs Jonghyun/Jessica have completely entire different chemistry. Don’t get me wrong, Taeyeon/Jonghyun are totally cute off stage and have flirty/funny interactions but when I watched them talking about each other on that one M! show it seemed as if they aren’t really bffs but rather have great respect for each other as artists/have a noona/dongsaeng relationship. I think Jongsica had a different dynamic because it was funny and flirty but they seemed definitely more involved in each other’s personal lives? IDK but it’s clear Jonghyun/Taeyeon are closer now because of SMTB. Although I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if Jessica and Jonghyun had promoted a song together instead…one can dream can’t they! Sigh

Anonymous asked:
Ughh. Here we go with the dating rumors again. What do you think about the current one? Do you think Jonghyun is really dating? (Because honestly, I don't, but I'd love to hear someone else's opinion.)

I don’t know what to think tbh because I really haven’t paid too much attention to it, but Jonghyun has always striked me as the kind of guy who jumps from relationship to relationship or completely fools around when he’s single, haha so if we was dating someone I wouldn’t be too shocked? I don’t really know much about that Subi girl but I mean if they were just friends I would believe it too since they are in the same friends circle. I actually thought Jonghyun was dating Minkyung from Davichi for a while because they were tweeting each other a lot but I was guess I was wrong about that LOL. Also I think Jessica has the same dating pattern as Jonghyhun but what do I know! I don’t see much discussion about Jonghyun’s dating life since most Shawols don’t care anymore so it’s hard to gather a proper opinion….

Anonymous asked:
OMG! Have you heard?? Jonghyun is supposedly dating another actress!! WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS MEANS??

I think it means he is supposedly dating another actress? LOL